Best Fall Comedy TV Shows

Best Fall Comedy TV Show

The best fall comedy TV shows are always just around the corner. But good comedy is hard to come by. The real question is what makes a good comedy. There are many things that can go into what makes a good comedy from characters, good acting, a great script, new content relevant to the age, directing, production, and of course the plot. There are so many other details that must be thought of in order for the true best comedy TV show to shine above the rest. 
Best Fall Comedy TV Show

Past Comedy TV Shows

There are literally thousands of comedy shows out there to choose from. With the advent of internet based viewing, YouTube, and other video production means, the list of new and upcoming comedy shows is never ending. Some of the best shows are put out by Fox. Past comedy shows include: likely suspects, Bakersfield P.D., the edge,  arrested development, and of course, my favorite, the Simpsons. There are many many others but lets look at some new ones. 
Best New Fall Comedy TV Show

New Fall Comedy TV Shows

Fox has put out a new fall comedy TV show called the Orville. This show is by far the funniest and overall most entertaining show out there. Seth MacFarland, the creator of Simpsons and many more, stars in the show and adds that certain je ne sais quoi that only Seth can produce. Teamed with a great cast of characters and the limitless possibilities of space exploration, this show is surely to take off., best comedy shows, best new fall comedy, best new fall comedy shows on fox, best shows comedy

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