Online Marketing 101: SEO

Best Video SEO Va Social Media. The best SEO online marketing campaigns are the ones that make your digital media show up on the front page of Google to the search engine keyword phrases that identify with your success.

Online Marketing 101:  SEO

Online Marketing is made up of three major components

 Online Marketing Google Front Page.  Internet Advertising with video and social media is the future of your ability to show up on the front page of Google to the keywords that make your business money.  Video Marketing Internet Advertising.  VIdeo statistics on how the addition to your online marketingYour WebSite:  Your WebSite is the digital platform where you will draw your client into and connect through or convert a transaction from, the final destination point for your potential online client.  This is where you've most likely spent the majority of your online marketing budget in the past years.  
Your Website should be the most in depth digital reflection of the who, why, what, when and where, of your business is.  

It answers your consumers questions, gives them new, updated and insightful information, to keep them coming back.  Your webpage also services to be a contact point, as well as a email list build opportunity, and ultimately the place where you are able to capture that potential online user's business.

Social Media:  the new coffee shop, chat room, door 2 door marketing and word of mouth advertising, all rolled into one convenient reality, located in all of your potential client's pocket's everyday....the iPhone has revolutionized how our new customers connect with our local businesses and services.  

The majority of all new business leads will now come from the Google Search Engine Bar, as consumers turn more and more to their mobile phones and a Google search, to find anything and everything they're looking for...

Video Marketing:  Video will take the web by storm, if it hasn't already.  Just as in 1936 when video began to dominate our free time, video again will be the dominate advertising medium as marketing transitions mostly to the internet, in years to come.  

Video also has an uncanny ability to rank quickly on the first page of Google's search engine 
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