How Long Tail Keywords SELL Products & Short Tail Keywords sell EGO.....

How Long Tail Keywords SELL Products & Short Tail Keywords sell EGO.....

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Online Marketing and the influence of Long Tail Keywords on their purchasing power and et me begin by phrasing this QUESTION....... & PRESENTS Online Marketing Advertising.

If someone walked into your shoe store and said that they were looking for "SHOES" (this being the online user's SHORT TAIL KEYWORD), you would probably need to begin asking them a series of questions, from style, to preference, color, brand and so on.....eventually having them arrive on the specific type of "SHOES", that they didn't, at first, know that they needed.....Notice that there is any unknown amount of time that passes, before a specific shoe is decided upon, and ultimately purchased.

NOW, if that same person were to walk into your shoe store and ask for Nike Air Max Blue Jordan's Size 10.5, would that person be MORE or LESS likely, to know what they want, and ultimately be closer to buying a shoe, than in the first example?

I'm not really going to go into any detail about how your Campaign, heavily relies on Long Tail Keywords.  If everyone relies on their mobile phone and the internet, to access your business, company and/or services, THEN the only way that you can safely and comfortable do your job, is if you are ALWAYS on the FRONT PAGE, or SERPS, to the long tail keywords, that identify directly with how your business, company or service MAKES MONEY.

In the years to come, your ability to be visible, on the organic SERPS, search engine results pages, to the long tail keyword phrases that make you money, will directly impact your peace of mind, and YOUR BOTTOM LINE.  Period.  


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