Best Washington DC DUI Lawyers

Best Washington DC DUI  Lawyers 

If you are a DUI Lawyer, in the Washington DC area, eventually you have to ask yourself.........'How do I avoid paying for Pay-Per-Click advertising?'

UNLESS you haven't yet had the pleasure of figuring out that you're only visible 15% of the time that people type in your KeyWords, AND it's an ongoing bidding war, AND it turns out that even if you bid the highest, Google bases their algorithm so heavily on Organic Search Results, that you are likely to be passed up on for the Organic PPC contender EVEN IF YOU BID HIGHER!!!!!
I'm sorry, but what about those statements, doesn't lead you to conclude the same conclusion.......Without an already existing, potent, and profitable Organic Marketing Campaign.....what's the point of PPC!??!!??!?  
I know, you're going to say that it's how you quickly enter niche markets, for which ou don't already have organic visibility's only your laziness that created the lack of your Organic Visibility!!!!!!!!!!!!  Fine, I'll concede that point......You have to have Pay-Per-Click because you are lazy.......
NOW, if everyone had just said that, I would have gladly conceded......but no, all of the front pages of teaches about how to market yourself as a lawyer or attortnrey, point to spending $1,000/day on PPC advertising.....RUBBISH....plain and simple.....
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