258 Country Estates Blvd, crimora double wide, waynesboro double wide

  • Great Double Wide home for VERY CHEAP
  • doublewide sold
Mobile Home Address: 258 Country Estates Blvd., Crimora, VA 24431

Description: This used double wide mobile home is one of the best values you could hope to run across.  The previous owner said over the years she has put $25,000-$40,000 worth of upgrades in this home, never expecting to leave it.  Now we’re passing that value on to you!  Upgraded floors, trim, custom chair rails, this used double wide NEEDS to be moved and is ready now to transport, set-up and move-in now!!!  Blue Ridge Transporting is up and running so the move and buy can all by done under one roof, insuring you maximum savings.  This is the affordable double wide you’ve been waiting for; most homes this nice are $30,000 and up!!!!  You DO NOT want to miss out, check our website for details and OUR PHONE NUMBER TO CALL, ACT QUICKLY!!!
Beds|Baths:      3|2      Year: 1988        Make: Park Avenue  Size:  24’ x 54’ (approximate)
Appliances Included: Refrigerator, range, electric furnace, dishwasher


DIRECTIONS: this used double wide for cash is located in Crimora, VA inside of Country Estates mobile community, but MUST be moved from this location


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