Free School Trailer, free mobile home, free manufactured home

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Mobile Home Address: On private lot, moved from school location.

Description: Get a free trailer. Use it for storage, add a bathroom and live in it. Sell it to a school. Sell it to a church. Make it a hunting cabin. Use it on a construction site. Or anything else you can think of. It’s got a modular frame below, so it’s as solid as they come. Sub-floor soft where the roof leaked. All in all, in decent and perfectly usable shape. The school needed it removed to make more room for a double wide.

Beds|Baths:    Big room and closet             Year:   Unknown       Size:  12’ x 50’
Comes with exterior heating and cooling commercial unit.

WHOLESALE PRICE: !!!!!!!! FREE !!!!!!!!
Moving Company is Giving it away, charge for moving and dropping on Temporary Blocks $2,500.

DIRECTIONS: Contact through website for further details on location and viewing. Once signed up, go to “Contact Us” and email or call about the home.

Seriously, the mover just needed to get it off the school’s property so they could make room for a double wide because they have too many kids. It’s in fine shape, and the sale is for the mover, FOR FREE! IT’S A FREE TRAILER!!!

Just email or call to get information on how to see it and purchase.


  1. Hmm, it's just need a little upgrading. It will look good after it's being taken care of.
    I am also checking manufactured homes in Washington because I think I see something nice there.


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